Alexandra Lodge

No.1065 E.C.


Consecrated in 1864


Meeting Day / Month / Inst. Mtg.
1st Mon. Every Month  Feb
Meeting Venue: Freemasons’ Hall, Jabalpur
Secretary: W.Bro. Arun J. Deshmukh
Contact: AMRUT 270-A, Wright Town,

Jabalpur 482 002


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The Alexandra Lodge was founded under the Provisional Warrant dated the 16th August 1864 from the Provisional Grand Master of Bombay and its territories to meet at Jubbulpore on the first and third Thursday in every month to discharge the duties of Masonry in a constitutional manner.

The first meeting of Alexandra Lodge was held at Jubbulpore on the 8th of December 1864 under the authority of a Dispensation granted by the Provisional Grand Master of the Provisional Grand Lodge of Bombay.

From the very outset the Brethren met regularly THE WARRANT was given to the Brethren of Lodge Alexandra on the 3oth of May 1865 with the number 1065 in the Register of the United Grand Lodge of England. Under the Provisional Warrant the First Master of Alexandra Lodge was to be W.Bro.John Downing Swiney but he was called to the Grand Lodge Above in September 1864. And thus W.Bro. William Grant became the First Master of Alexandra Lodge and was ably assisted by Bro. John Preston and Bro. Richard Oakes as his Wardens…