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Sr.No. Place Lodge No. Meeting Day Month  Inst. Mtg.
1 Mumbai Lodge St. George 549 3rd Tue. Except May. Oct  Feb
2 Mumbai Lodge Truth 944 1st Wed. Every Month  Jan
3 Jabalpur Alexandra Lodge 1065 1st Mon. Every Month  Feb
4 Mumbai Lodge of Emulation 1100 3rd Fri Except May, Oct   Jan
5 Nagpur Corinth Lodge 1122 1st Sat. Every Month  Nov
6 Igatpuri Lodge Friendship and Harmony 1270 4th Sat. Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct, Dec  Feb
7 Mumbai Cyrus Lodge 1359 4th Mon Except May, Oct, Dec  Feb
8 Bhusaval Lodge Excelsior-in-Khandesh 1738 2nd Sat. Every Month  Jan
9 Ahmednagar Royal Connaught Lodge 2377 3rd Sat. Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec  Apr
10 Mumbai Research Lodge 3184 2nd Thu. Apr, Jul, Sep, Dec  Sep
11 Khadki Lodge Burnett 3284 4th Fri Every Month  Feb
12 Bilaspur Heart of India Lodge 3760 2nd Sat. Every Month  Jan
13 Goa Haig Brown Lodge 3829 1st Sat. Except Jan, May  Oct
14 Mumbai Lodge Universal Brotherhood 3835 3rd Sat. Except July, Aug  Jan
15 Deolali Knight Lodge 3918 1st Sat. Every Month  Dec
16 Pune Leslie Wilson Lodge 4880 1st Wed. Every Month  Sep
17 Lonavala Dawn of Peace Lodge 5260 4th Sat. Except Aug, Dec  Nov
18 Solapur Lodge Justice and Peace 5442 1st Tue. Except May, Oct  Sep
19 Nagpur Bromham Lodge 6175 4th Mon. Except May, Oct, Dec  Nov
20 Mumbai Lodge Square and Compasses 7198 4th Fri. Except May, Dec   Feb
21 Nagpur Penchvale Lodge 7643 4th Sat. Every Month  Nov
22 Mumbai Silvery Dawn Lodge 7700 1st Thu. Except May, Oct  Feb
23 Mumbai Lions Lodge 7713 4th Tue. Except May, Oct  Nov