Officers of District Grand Chapter


E.Comp Percy J Driver District Grand Superintendent
E. Comp Kersasp R Dadachanji District Deputy Grand Superintendent
E.Comp. Pichumani Venkatraman District Second Grand Principal
E.Comp. Narendra S Porwal District Third Grand Principal
E.Comp. Anil C Nair President District Committee of General Purposes
E.Comp. Rummy P Khan District Grand Scribe E
E.Comp. Rusi A Mehta District Grand Scribe N
E.Comp. Sudhirkumar C. Choksey District Grand Treasurer
E.Comp. Tehemton B. Dalal District Grand Registrar
E.Comp. Devesh Hingorani District Grand Director of Ceremonies
E.Comp. Tehmton Toorkey District Grand Sword Bearer
E.Comp. V Nagesgwaran District Grand Almoner
E.Comp. Subeer D Verma District Grand Charity Steward
E.Comp. Kaushik A Barot District Grand Sojourner
E.Comp. Sameer G Mane District 1st Assistant Grand Sojourner
E.Comp. Ashley Eates District 2nd Assistant Grand Sojourner
E.Comp. Akbar a Lakdawaka District Grand Standard Bearer
E.Comp. Manoj Shukla District Grand Organist
E.Comp. Sanjay S Velankar District Grand Steward
E.Comp.  Durga Prasad Khare District Grand Janitor