Royal Connaught Lodge

No.2377 E.C.


Consecrated in 1890


Meeting Day / Month / Inst. Mtg.
3rd Sat. Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec  Apr
Meeting Venue: Freemasons’ Hall, Ahmednagar
Secretary: W.Bro. Behram S. Nagarwalla
Contact: 11, Nagarwalla Road,Nhmednagar 414 002

+91 9890619407 

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The lodge was consecrated on the 5th of August 1890. The late General Arun S. Vaidya, Commander-in- Chief of the Indian Army, was a member of this Lodge.

We celebrated our 100 years Anniversary in 1991 which was attended by then District Grand Master, RW Bro.A,E.G.Gilbert and other very important guests. Also attending were three Army Major Generals who were our members.