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A Selection of Videos on Aspects of Freemasonry

Freemasonry What’s it all about? Released by UGLE 2014 – Link to You Tube here  if you do not see the film on this page


 Introduction to Freemasonry – copied from You Tube – Published January 26th 2014.

LONDON 360 – Copied from You Tube  – Published on Dec 16, 2013 ‘The Freemasons have been the subject of wild conspiracy theories, but are they really plotting a new world order? Or they just a bunch of charitable chaps? We joined them at their White Tie Ball to find out why they are reaching out to the public to come and engage in their world, which they insist is focused on charity and community..’

Grand Secretary Nigel Brown  answers many of the questions asked on Masons and addresses common misconceptions

Find out why Freemasonry continues to appeal to a younger generation

Take a tour of Freemasons’ Hall London. You may also like to read about the history of the Freemasons Hall; click this link

What Freemasonry is to these men