Freemasonry in Bombay

Most probably you have heard of the term Freemasonry and have a brief idea about it being something of a secret society. Possibly you have read one of the novels of Dan Brown and would like to know something more about it. Quite likely that you may have somebody close to you, who you may know, is a Freemason. There are also very good chances that you know nothing about Freemasonry but came to this site out of curiosity.

Well you have landed at the right place. One of the main objects of this site is to tell you more about “What is Freemasonry?”

This is the website of the District Grand Lodge of Bombay. It is a District under the United Grand Lodge of England which is head quartered in London, UK. The District Grand Lodge of Bombay has 23 Lodges under its jurisdiction ( as well as 14 Chapters ). A Lodge is the basic unit of membership where a person becomes a Freemason.

Masonry has often been defined as “a peculiar system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols”. What this means is that Masonry is a system that teaches each member to be morally upright. These lessons are transmitted through various allegories or stories and various symbols are used to illustrate those lessons and keep them fresh in a Freemason’s mind. In short Masonry preaches the practice of every social and moral virtue.

But in this site you can know much more than this. You can learn more about 150 year history of the District Grand Lodge of Bombay or the history of the 290 year history of the United Grand Lodge of England. You can browse through the FAQ’s on Freemasonry. You can download and read various short booklets such as “Freemasonry; An Approach to Life” and “Freemasonry & Religion”. You can view a photo album here of various Masonic events or view some short videos on what it means to be a Mason. You can see a list of famous Indians who have been Freemasons.

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